Brita on-tap vs. TAPP Water EcoPro

Looking for a comparison of Brita on-tap vs TAPP Water filters? What water filter should you buy? We’ve done a detailed review of Brita on tap in 9 areas to compare how the two faucet water filters compare. This includes design, filtering, taste, water flow, filter cartridge monitoring, sustainability, filtering capacity, warranty and annual cost.
想了解Brita on-tap与TAPP Water净水器的比较?你应该买什么净水器?我们对Brita on-tap进行了9个方面的详细审查,以比较这两种水龙头净水器的比较。这包括设计、过滤、味道、水流量、滤芯监测、可持续性、过滤能力、保修和年度成本。

Read through the detailed comparison or jump to the end for a summary and conclusion of TAPP Water vs Brita on tap water filter comparison.
请阅读详细的比较,或跳到最后,了解TAPP Water与Brita on-tap净水器比较的摘要和结论。


Both products are made of high quality BPA free ABS and PC plastic.

TAPP Water has a Scandinavian white design that fits well in most kitchens without standing out too much. The connector to the faucet is made of stainless steel making it very robust. The filter is also less bulky than it appears with a weight of only 257 grams.
TAPP Water采用斯堪的纳维亚式的白色设计,很适合大多数厨房,不会太突出。连接水龙头的接头是由不锈钢制成的,因此非常坚固。该过滤器也没有看上去那么笨重,重量只有257克。

Brita on tap has a combination of white and chrome plastic. The connector is also made of plastic which according to many people makes it less robust and causes more leakage. The filter is also both bigger and heavier at 450 grams.
Brita On Tap结合了白色和镀铬塑料。 连接器也由塑料制成,据许多人称,这使其不那么坚固并导致更多的泄漏。 净水器也更大更重,重量为450克。

Winner: TAPP Water
Tie as design is subjective but TAPP-Water feels more robust and much lighter.

冠军:TAPP Water
并列:设计是主观的,但 TAPP Water 感觉更坚固、更轻。

Filtering technolog of Brita On tap vs TAPP Water

TAPP Water 5-stage filter removes and reduces over 100 contaminants including chlorine, heavy metals, microplastics and limescale.  
Brita on tap is a 3-stage filter removing and reducing chlorine, heavy metals, microplastics and bacteria thanks to hollow fiber activated carbon.
TAPP Water 5级过滤器可以去除和减少100多种污染物,包括氯、重金属、微塑料和水垢。  
Brita On Tap 是一个三级器,通过中空纤维过滤和去除氯、染料、塑料和细菌。

TAPP Water beats Brita in terms of limescale removal as well as other substances filtered.
TAPP Water在去除水垢以及过滤的其他物质方面胜过Brita 。

Winner: TAPP Water
TAPP Water thanks to limescale removal. 


Taste of the filtered water

Both filters remove chlorine, metal taste and other poor attributes from tap water.
Winner: Tie as both provide good tasting water after filtering.

Winner: It’s a draw.
Tie as both provide good tasting water after filtering.


Water throughput / flow 

TAPP Water provides a flow-rate of about 4 L/min or 15 seconds to fill up a 1 liter jug
Brita provides a flow-rate of about 2 L/min or 30 seconds to fill up a 1-liter jug.
TAPP Water的流速约为4升/分钟,即15秒内充满一个1升的壶。
Brita On Tap 提供约 2 升/分钟或 30 秒的流速来装满 1 升的水壶

Winner: TAPP Water
with best flowrate.

冠军:TAPP Water

CO2 footprint / sustainability 

TAPP Water uses less plastic, less parts and less weight than Brita On Tap.
The estimated CO2 footprint of TAPP Water for the first year is 1.91 kg and second year 0.42 kg.
The estimated CO2 footprint of Brita On Tap for the first year is 3.54 kg and second year 1.66 kg.
与Brita On-Tap相比,TAPP Water使用的塑料更少,零件更少,重量更轻。
估计TAPP Water第一年的二氧化碳足迹为1.91公斤,第二年为0.42公斤。
Brita On Tap第一年的二氧化碳足迹估计为3.54公斤,第二年为1.66公斤。

Winner: TAPP Water
thanks to lower weight and 75% less plastic.

冠军:TAPP Water

Filter monitoring / reminders on when to replace the cartridges

TAPP Water provides a simple and direct visual calendar to remind you to replace the filter cartridge.
Brita has a display on the device of how much water has been used.
TAPP Water提供简单直接的视觉日历来提醒更换滤芯。
Brita On Tap ,设备上有一个显示已使用多少水的信息。

Winner: It’s a draw.
Tie as both help keep track of and replace the cartridges on time.


Capacity of Brita On tap vs TAPP Water

TAPP Water has a capacity of 1200 liters and estimated 3 months use based on a household of 3 people.
Brita has a capacity of 600 liters and estimated 2 months use based on a household of 3 people.
TAPP Water的容量为1200升,以一个3人家庭为基础,估计3个月的使用量。
Brita On Tap ,容量为600升,按3人家庭计算,估计可使用2个月。

Note: Many Brita customers have commented that the capacity is less than 600 L as the filter gets clogged and the flowrate is reduced around 400-500 L.
The estimates in terms of time use are based on a household with 2-4 people.
注:很多 Brita 客户评论说,由于过滤器堵塞,流量减少了 400-500 L 左右,因此容量低于 600 L。使用时间方面的估计是基于 2-4 人的家庭 。 

Winner: TAPP Water
with more capacity.

冠军:TAPP Water


TAPP Water 45 day, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee with free return and lifetime warranty for subscribers in case your TAPP Water filter gets damaged.
Brita 30-day, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty in case your Brita gets damaged.
TAPP Water 45天,无条件,100%退款保证,免费退货,如果你的TAPP Water过滤器被损坏,用户终身保修。
Brita On Tap 30 天、无条件、100% 退款保证和 1 年保修,以防您的 Brita 损坏。

Winner: TAPP Water 

冠军:TAPP Water

Price and cost per year

  • TAPP Water

  • Standalone price for one filter including cartridge:
  • RMB 389-459
  • Cartridge price (individual):
  • RMB160
  • Total price first year (household of 3-4):
  • RMB 869
  • Total price second year:
  • 480

  • Brita on-tap

  • Standalone price for one filter including cartridge:
  • RMB 538
  • Cartridge price (individual):
  • RMB 219
  • Total price first year (household of 3-4):
  • RMB 1196
  • Total price second year:
  • RMB 879

Winner: TAPP Water
Because it can save RMB 327 in the first year and 399 in the second year.

冠军:TAPP Water

       * Range as TAPP Water cartridges are changed every 3 months vs Brita every 2 months.
       *TAPP Water滤芯每3个月更换一次,而Brita 每2个月更换一次 。