TAPP Water filter performance - TAPP Water净水器的性能

by independent laboratory tests...

How do I know that TAPP Water filters really do what they promise?
我怎么知道TAPP Water净水器真的做到了他们的承诺?

Here you will find an overview of the TAPP Water water filters as well as research results and independent laboratory tests.
在这里,您可以找到 TAPP Water净水器的概述以及研究结果和独立实验室测试。

What filter TAPP Water filter?
TAPP Water 净水器会过滤什么?

Based on our tests and research, TAPP Water removes more than 100 potential substances from tap water and reduces more than 30 others. Here is an overview of the filters and the reduction efficiency.
根据我们的测试和研究,TAPP Water可以从自来水中去除100多种潜在物质,并减少30多种其他物质。以下是过滤器和减少效率的概述。

  • Organoleptic parameters (taste, color and smell)
    The unpleasant taste or smell of water is generally caused by chlorine, its by-products, and organic impurities. >95%
    水的难闻味道或气味通常是由氯、其副产品和有机杂质引起的 >95%
  • Chlorine and chloramine
    Chlorine is added to disinfect tap water from harmful viruses and bacteria. >95%
  • Chlorine by-products
    Over 100 by-products including 32 known chlorine by-products (VOC) such as THMs identified as potentially cancerous. >95%
    超过 100 种副产品,包括 32 种已知的氯副产品 (VOC),例如被确定为可能致癌的 THM >95%
  • Microplastics
    Plastic parts with a length of a few micrometers. >95%
    长度为几微米的塑料零件 >95%
  • Heavy metals
    Occur naturally or through pipe corrosion, e.g. lead, zinc, manganese, copper,… >90%
    自然发生或通过管道腐蚀发生,例如 铅、锌、锰、铜……>90%
  • Pesticides
    14 listed pesticides including chlordane, heptachlor and lindane. >95%
  • Herbicides
    12 herbicides listed, including 2,4-D and atrazine. >95%
  • Nitrate and nitrites
    Generally caused by fertilizers. In contrast to nitrates, nitrites are found in very low concentrations in water. > 70%
    一般由化肥引起。 与硝酸盐相反,亚硝酸盐在水中的浓度非常低> 70%
  • Pharmaceuticals
    Medicines were found in very low concentrations in tap water. This includes e.g. atenolol, carbamazepina, estrone, meprobamate and trimethoprim. > 90%
    在自来水中发现药物浓度非常低。 这包括例如 阿替洛尔、卡马西平、雌酮、甲丙氨酯和甲氧苄啶> 90%
  • PFAS
    This includes PFOA, PFOS and PFNA. > 90%
    这包括全氟辛酸、全氟辛烷磺酸和全氟辛烷磺酸> 90%
  • Pathogens
    Most “bad” bacteria, including E. Coli, as well as microbial cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. >90%
  • Water turbidity
    The turbidity is a measure of the extent to which the water loses its transparency due to the presence of suspended particles. >90%

What does TAPP Water not filter?
TAPP Water净水器不过滤什么?

A common misconception is that a water filter should remove everything from tap water. Here is a list of the substances and parameters that TAPP Water does not remove or reduce and why.
一个常见的误解是,净水器应该去除自来水中的一切。这里列出了TAPP Water不能去除或减少的物质和参数以及原因。

  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
    TDS are basically minerals like inorganic salts and small amounts of organic matter dissolved in water. These are usually calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, carbonate, bicarbonate, chloride, sulfate, and nitrates. Most lab reports use electrical conductivity instead of TDS. In no case does TDS indicate whether the water is potable or not.
    TDS (总溶解固体)
    TDS基本上是无机盐等矿物质和溶解在水中的少量有机物。 这些通常是钙、镁、钠、钾、碳酸盐、碳酸氢盐、氯化物、硫酸盐和硝酸盐。 大多数实验室报告使用电导率而不是 TDS。 在任何情况下,TDS 都不会表明水是否可饮用。
  • Healthy minerals
    Minerals are calcium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, etc. that people need to survive. These essential minerals are insignificantly reduced by carbon blocks.
  • hardness
    Hard water (called on lime) is water with a high concentration of calcium and magnesium. Hard water is usually an advantage for drinking purposes. However, limescale builds up, which is often perceived as a problem.
  • pH
    The pH value is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of water. A pH of 6.5-8.5 is considered normal and your body adjusts the pH to the normal state of the body (blood = pH 7.4) after drinking. There is no known health risk related to pH within the legal range.

Independent laboratory tests to confirm that the filter is working.

Every year we conduct laboratory tests with third party laboratories. Here is an overview of one of these tests, carried out by SimpleWater, one of the most famous laboratories in the world, in Los Angeles, USA, in the period 2018-2019 *. The link below the table has the full list of substances with external sources by the laboratory to verify the claims.

Total chlorine 总氯 (ppm) 0.8 => 0.05 = 95%
Chloramine 氯胺  (ppm)0.8 => 0.05 = 95%
PH7.8 => 7.9
Water turbidity 水浊度 (NTU)0.17 => 0.0 = 100%
Microplastic 微塑料 (particles / liter)29 => 0.0 = 100%
Nitrate & nitrite 硝酸盐和亚硝酸盐  (ppm)0.22 => 0.0 = 100%
Heavy metals (average of all)重金属(所有平均值 ) (ppm)0.15 => 0.0 = 100%
By-products of chlorine disinfection 氯消毒副产物 (pbb)6 => 0.0 = 100%

   * complete Report: https://tappwater.co/us/tapp-2-independent-lab-test/